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Why Nannies Alberta?

Reasons why Nannies Alberta is the right choice for you and your family:

We understand where you are coming from

We know all about the stress of searching and hiring a caregiver or  nanny  in Canada.  We are always available to give you our non-judgemental advice, help you find the best qualified nannies in Alberta and do the leg work on your behalf, to make the process as stress free for you as possible.

We are experts in the placement of nannies in Alberta

With our years of experience in the placement of nannies and caregivers,  and having already assisted scores of families in the Alberta area, all of our staff members have become experts and are available to advise you in all aspects of hiring a nanny for your family.

We have an unbeatable success rate of making the right matches

We listen to all our clients needs, we have a thorough screening process for all our nannies and caregivers and with years of experience in the placement field we know what will make a placement successful.  We know there is more to a nanny than simply the right quailfications, and although we can assure you that we take only the best nannies we also understand that a perfect match is also based on the family and nanny gelling well together.

We are always at hand to assist

We are committed to working for your family to provide you with the best assistance throughout your nanny search.  From the beginning stages of helping you determine what your family needs, through the interview and processing of paperwork and selection and hiring of your nanny.  We will even will work with you for the duration of your nanny placement should you need our help.