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Nanny Agency in Alberta - Nannies, Babysitters, Mothers Helpers

Nannies Alberta specializes in providing professional nannies and caregivers to families throughout Alberta.

We can provide families in Alberta everything from childcare, disability care to  elder care assistance efficiently and easily.

Our Nannies in Alberta

We are able to offer a variety of nannies to families in Alberta and by looking at a  family’s individual needs we can help them find the perfect nanny. 

We can provide live-in, live-out nannies, full time nannies and part time nannies available immediately in the Alberta area.

All of our foreign nannies meet the requirements as set out in the Live in Caregiver Program

Our Babysitters and Mothers Helpers in Alberta

We provide families with full time, part time and one off and regular babysitters and mothers helpers.  All our babysitters are matched with families according to their scheduling needs and according to their their experience.

Our Caregivers in Alberta

Every single one of the  caregivers we provide are experienced in the caregiver field. Many of our caregivers hold nursing qualifications and have worked as professionals in the field of nursing for a number of years, Many of our caregivers specialize in elder care solutions yet we also have caregivers available that specialize in disability care solutions., We will match caregivers with the exact needs of a family.

All of our foreign caregivers meet the requirements as set out in the Live in Caregiver Program

Our Housekeepers in Alberta

We  provide  live in and live out housekeepers in Alberta to aid families in the running of their busy households.  We are always happy to match housekeepers  for a one off event, or assistance for families for longer term housekeeper solutions.

Along with our regular service to families in Alberta,Nannies Alberta is now happy to provide nannies, caregivers, babysitters and mothers helpers in Calgary and nannies, caregivers, babysitters and mothers helpers in Edmonton